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Let's show the world how many people are committed to a common Europe. Membership of renewEU is first and foremost a commitment to the EU. Membership is free and without obligation. It can be cancelled at any time.

There are different levels of membership in renewEU:

  • 01. Supporting member

    Everyone who registers free of charge via the renewEU website starts as a supporting member. It is a commitment to renewEU, to our charitable work and to our goal: the strengthening and further development of the EU.

  • 02. Verified supporting member

    Be active and participate in online campaigns via the renewEU platform. This is also the requirement for becoming a full member. Please understand that we have to verify the authenticity of your identity for this.

  • 03. Full member

    Participate in the elections for renewEU representatives and delegates, run for elections, have more influence on the work of renewEU and participate in important decisions. In addition, use all the functions of the renewEU platform. Become a full member!

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