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Unite the best
The entire diversity of European regions in one common state
Committed for the future
More democratic, more united, more capable of action:
let's take Europe to the next stage in its evolution!
Improve the EU
We have already achieved a lot! Let's reach even more Europe!
It's time ...
... to make a good thing even better! Let's renew the EU!
Together for the EU
Our answer to populists and nationalists:
European cohesion & solidarity!
Acting as one
European solutions to European challenges! Let's strengthen the EU!

Welcome to renewEU

Reach achieved
* Since official launch in Nov 2018.

"Europe needs you - even online! Against populism and nationalism."

renewEU (also called "renew Europe") is an independent and cross-party Europe-wide Internet movement committed to the idea of our common Europe, to the further development of the European Union and to the implementation of European values across all EU policy areas. Our tool is the Internet: here we can link all pro-European citizens, develop ideas together and coordinate joint online campaigns as a central platform to inspire other people for our common Europe and for the common future of all European peoples in peace, freedom, diversity and unity under one roof.

Create publicity for our vision of a common Europe as part of our joint movement. Commit to the EU!
Submit your ideas for online campaigns via the renewEU platform, vote on campaigns and participate in campaigns with just a few clicks.
Support us in educating other citizens about European policies and in our commitment to the further development of the EU.

Join us!
Become a member of renewEU for free!